Reinhard Vanbergen

MSB Creations has worked on several projects with Belgian recording artist and multi-instrumentalist, Reinhard Vanbergen

Reinhard Vanbergen is signed to Music For Dreams.

Cover artworks



3X Vinyl Boxset

3X Vinyl Boxset - Outer cover

3X Vinyl Boxset - 1st album - Stringworx

3X Vinyl Boxset - 2nd album - Presents For Friends

3X Vinyl Boxset - 3rd album - Ubuntu

3X Vinyl Boxset - Labels

3X Vinyl Boxset - Inlay card front

3X Vinyl boxset - Inlay card back

Souvenirs de bon Goût - Vinyl sleeve

Souvenirs de bon Goût - Picture disc

Coloured Cones - Vinyl 12" Front

Coloured Cones - Vinyl 12" Back

Coloured Cones - Labels Side A

Coloured Cones - Labels Side B

ONETONETRAX - Vinyl 12" Front

ONETONETRAX - Vinyl 12" Back